Our website terms and conditions are a guide for customers to show them how to use our website and how to use its services with ease.

Firstly: general conditions for the farshubsite: –

1- All terms and conditions mentioned on this page apply to all users of the site.

2 – Once the customer is registered on our website, it means that it fully agrees with the terms and conditions mentioned on this page and with any terms that may be added in the future.

3 – All customers must certify that the personal data they provide to us is accurate so that they can register on the website and access its services.

4 – We welcome inquiries from all customers and our technical support staff are ready to answer all customers’ questions throughout the day.

5 – We may change the terms and conditions at any time or add new ones, so we kindly ask customers to see them from time to time to be aware of any new terms that have been added.

Second: Terms of use of the farshub website: –

1. Customers must provide us with all the required information and data and must be 100% accurate.

2. The website is not responsible for any damage caused to the customer as a result of improper use of our site or the sudden failure of our site.

3. The sale of subscriptions to other persons is prohibited. Only the customer has the right to use the bots.

4. The use of our services for unauthorized commercial use is prohibited.

5- The user guarantees that his use of bots will not harm our site and will not breach our website’s terms and conditions.

6- The user warrants that he is responsible for any crime he publishes and is responsible for that offense.

7- Our website administration disclaims responsibility for any damage or loss to the customer resulting from its inappropriate use of our site.

8- Our administration reserves the right to terminate a subscription or participant account if it violates the terms and conditions of our website.

9- Off-site trading is prohibited and any transaction on the website must be conducted to avoid any form of fraud and scam for customers.

10- The law prohibits the use of our services or causes harm to our website or any other person.

The use or re-use, copying or pasting of any existing service or content on the farshubsite is prohibited and everything that exists on the farshub site is the exclusive property of the website and any breach open to their company or their company from the website or your liability and prosecution claim by the website administration.