Neysane Abi Series

Neysan Abi Persian Series

Nissan Abi (سریال نیسان آبی) is a comedy, drama and family series directed by Manouchehr Hadi in the home theater network, produced in 1400, which is also produced by Ehsan Zolipour; Also, this series is based on the screenplay of Nissan Abi written by Kamil Rouhani and written by Saeed Dolatkhani and Saeed Hoshyar; The Blue Nissan series was originally intended to be made into a feature film, but after a change in the creators’ decision, it became a home theater series; Manouchehr Hadi is a film and television director and screenwriter; His most notable works include the romantic TV series and the TV series Lovers, Goodbye Baby and Good Bad Ugly;

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  1. Diana Rezaei

    Amazing, so funny honestly love this show

    10.0 rating