Mehmooni Iranian Series

Mehmooni Show

Memooni Show (سریال مهمونی) is comedy and talk show written, directed and hosted by Iraj Tahmasb on the home theater network is a product of 1400, which is also produced by Hassan Khodadadi; The Guest Series is a fun and talkative program in which Iraj Tahmasb, along with funny and lovable puppets, hosts well-known figures in the field of art and sports; In this collection, new and different puppet characters will be unveiled; In previous years, the Red Hat program, performed by Iraj Tahmasb, was one of the most popular programs during the Nowruz holiday; But it has been several years since the new series of this program was produced; Now, after 4 years away from television and cinema, Tahmaseb will be your guest with a different program from Red Hat called “Guest”;

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