Gheble Alam - 7 - Ghebleye Alam Part 7


Ghebleye Alam Ghesmate 7 (سریال کمدی قبله عالم قسمت هفتم) The serial of Qiblah Alam Home Theater Network, directed and written by Hamed Mohammadi and produced by Manouchehr Mohammadi, is a product of 1400 in Iran. Khatoon series is in the historical and comedy genre that deals with the historical events of Nasser al-Din Shah’s era. Hamed Komili, Pejman Bazghi, Sam Derakhshani, Hadi Kazemi and Shaghayegh Dehghan, Farzad Farzin, Sougal Khaliq and Ardeshir Rostami have played roles in the series Gheble Alam. Hamed Mohammadi, the director of this exciting series, has a brilliant record in making comedy films. We have seen the movies “Oxidant”, “Four Fingers” and “Angels Come Together” before him.